Hi there, my name is Diana Pinkham and I am a realtor in both MA and NH.  If you are looking to find the best information about real estate from a whole bunch of perspectives, you have reached the right place.

Instead of just spitting out information that is canned and boxed, this blog is going to go at diana-p-img_3336_ppthis information from different sides of the coin.  Even those who are in the real estate industry will find this site a great warehouse of information to educate the masses about news, guidelines, opinions in real estate.

I will break down articles and reposts in different categories.  If you are a buyer looking to find information on a subject, just simply stick to the buyer pages.  Sellers do the same.  But, if you are like me and want to know everything, you will find all pages full of cool content about real estate.

Useful links, media and a bunch of stats thrown in the mix is what you will find at digsdaily. Of course, I will weigh in from time to time on my own experience and opinion about certain subjects like technology in real estate, zillow, on line searches and the like.

Comments are welcome but keep them g-rated  please.  Would love to have discussions going so others can learn from your own expertise or opinion.