What now, next or never!!!

Being a real estate agent involves many uncertainties. Will the house appraise for the offer we believe is fair and just? Will the radon test results come back within normal levels? How is the water? Will it pass FHA standards? So many many uncertainties, you would wonder how agents can deal with this daily. I can tell you it is not easy and it takes many many years of practice to not worry about what can not be controlled. Do the best you can for your buyer or seller. Utilize the best knowledge of the market in basing your listing price or asking price on and just trust in your ability to do your best each and every day.

I can assure you that there is one thing in real estate that will remain constant and never change. Have I peaked your curiosity? Well, what you can expect to stay the same is the constant barrage of new technology coming at you at warp speed. It’s the latest and greatest app, CRM, lead generation tool, calculator, web video service and the list goes on and on. The blogs we are most attracted to always have the latest and greatest tool for use in your career. Day after day, the hottest becomes the latest which becomes the yesterdays. This will never change because technology will always evolve. The more we crave, the more they will feed our cravings. It is downright maddening, confusing and it swallows up our days whole if we are not careful.

How do you successfully marry technology and your career without being in constant flux? Just when you buy that CRM that you thought was going to serve all of your purposes, a newer shinier model comes out and you feel a sense of buyers remorse. It is time, we the real estate agents of the world, stand up and take the advice we give our customers. “Once you commit you can’t keep torturing yourself about the house that just came on the market three days after your offer was accepted.” Yup, that is right. Once you find the product that works for you, stick with it. You need to own it and be able to work it to it’s best ability. You need to understand it’s every feature and really master this product. You can’t give up because you saw an add or a loss leader for this new thing that will make your old thing pale in comparison. As realtors, we do this all the time. We try something for a couple of months and then give up. The problem is we think that technology is going to make our job easier when it is not unless we stick with one thing and master it. Do you cover the entire state you work in or do you specialize in a very select area? ( if you don’t…I would suggest you do that right now!)

The point of my rant is that you have to evolve into a realtor that cares about what works for you. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Who cares if you prefer windows to mac. Who cares if you prefer apple to android. It’s your career and its what works for you. Pick a lane and stay in it. There are upgrades to be had but don’t do it until you know how to use what you have. If you have tried and tried to master your current CRM and it just isn’t feasible for you, then by all means, pick a more basic one. The goal is to stay in touch with your customers and be able to track where your customers are coming from. A website that can capture your leads is a must. Start with that! I am a firm believer in Placester which can be very basic or very complicated! The Placester site has the best content for realtors on the web today I also think agentmarketing.com is a great product with al a carte features. I think gmail is a wonderful email host and I also think that office 365 with outlook is awesome.

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